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Aristotle, one of the wisest men alive during the times of the Ancient Greeks, had something really special to say about anger it begins "Anybody can become angry...", and if you want to read the rest of the quotation, just Google "Aristotle on Anger". There are however a number of tips for anger management available. We shall not be discussing tips here; we will rather just try to come to grips with what anger actually does to us.

It is completely natural to become angry, anger is an emotion or a reaction to an emotion, and it is a signal that something in our lives is not quite right. Anger is a defensive reaction is a perceived threat and triggers our fight or flight responses.

Just like any other emotion, anger also triggers physiological changes. Adrenaline begins to course through your system, and the blood pressure increases, as does the heart rate. If you have ever said or heard anyone say "I am so angry I can feel my blood boiling" they are not saying something that is too far from the truth.

Learning to manage anger is actually very important as these physiological changes are also not good for you. Many people have absolutely no clue how to do this and it is said that one in five Americans has anger management issues.

Anger is said to be responsible for problems as diverse as road rage, divorce, domestic violence, child abuse, addictions and workplace violence. Physically, long-term anger has been linked to illnesses such as digestive problems, sleep disorders, high blood pressure, chronic headaches and even heart attacks.

It can be triggered by something as small as something someone has said to you or even just stubbing your toe. Emotion just takes over and overrides any logic you might still have left. At this point a person will either suppress or express their anger. Suppressed anger can be very damaging to both the psyche and the physical body and expressed anger can be very damaging, particularly if it is taken out on family, friends or inanimate objects.

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Tips For Anger Management - Understanding Anger

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This article was published on 2010/04/03