Get Your Ex Back Even She Hates You

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Have you long to get your girlfriend back and tried numerous ways to approach her but she still refuse to talk to you? If this situation fits your current circumstance, then there is no need for you to be desperate. Believe it or not, when an ex is passionate about their hatred of you, it can be a good sign!


Many people who want to get back together after a break up feel like all hope is lost. This is especially true if your ex acts like they completely dislike you and want nothing to do with you. After all, how can you get her back if she won't even talk to you without yelling?


The good news is that if your ex-girlfriend is acting as though she truly hates you, it does mean she still has some strong feelings about you. Anger is usually a shield. If someone has been hurt or does not want to let you in right now, anger and hatred form a barrier. Those same emotions form a protective shield.


Anger is an emotion. If she is acting like she hates you, it means she is still having an emotional reaction toward you. There are true feelings behind the anger. This is a great sign when you compare it to a break up in which the ex-girlfriend does not care one way or the other. If an ex has no feelings for you and doesn't care about what you do in any way, that can be a much more difficult situation for someone who wants to get back together. When a person doesn't have any reaction to you at all and just doesn't care, all feelings may be gone. So, if you are faced with anger, you may have a better chance at getting back together.


If you want an angry ex-girlfriend back, the best thing you can do in the beginning is to give her space. Do not contact her in any way. This can be very difficult, but you need to give her time to clear her mind and get past some of the immediate anger. If you are constantly making contact with her, you may be ruining your chances to get back together. Give her some room.


During this time you should keep yourself busy. Do some thinking about what you did to cause, or contribute to, the problems. Start a new hobby. Do whatever you need to do to remain busy. Do not give in to the strong temptation to call her!


There will come a time when you can make contact, but you need to make sure you are not overbearing and don't move too fast at that time. She needs to feel that you are not pressuring her for a relationship or a reconciliation. You need to follow a plan of action that will show you how to get her back for good.


If you are saying to yourself, "all hope is lost, my ex-girlfriend hates me", take a step back and give her the time she needs. You may find that the space was great for both of you.


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Get Your Ex Back Even She Hates You

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This article was published on 2010/07/29
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