Controlling Anger Is an Important Aspect to Self Improvement

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Self Improvement is one of the most essential attitudes a person needs to develop in the world. For that fact every action of man requires improvement. Without thinking about self improvement, the world would not be a better place to live in. Self improvement is a vast topic and has various categories under it. However, when a person starts thinking about improving himself, then it could be the particular quality that comes into picture at that point of time. Say for example, if a person thinks he is very rude to people while speaking. Then to improve himself he has to start speaking softly to others. Hence it is a self improvement technique, which he tries to inculcate in him. This small step that he has taken could change the world around him. In return people, who behaved rudely with him, can also change their minds and start speaking softly. Hence, the activities revolving around him and others could also turn out to be smooth most of the times. Likewise there are plenty of ideas that circulate around mans mind, and each of these could be different depending up on the circumstances each lives in.
However, one of the most demolishing qualities that most people have is anger. Mind you this very hard to control at most times. A popular saying that most of will be aware of. This is like a mathematical derivation and it is derived by many examples brought in differently by different people. They say ‘Anger is one of the root causes of sorrow’. If you ask me, then I would definitely give a big yes to this statement. A lot of people have even lost their lives because of anger. For the fact, most of the disasters that happen in the world, starting from burning of a toy, till a serial bomb blasts, or an incident pertaining to the World Trade Center. We can be assured that all this happens due to anger, keeping aside the reasons for these incidents. Today, if we visit many parts of the world, we see a lot of quarrels happening in most households. Starting from husband and wife or between siblings, or may be neighbors; most of them have tiny fights within themselves for no reason. Sometimes a spark could turn out to be a fire. Frankly speaking, it is very hard to find a person who does not get angry. There could be one in hundreds, who live this way. If we take these people as examples, then people who reciprocate to them automatically turn out to be calm and the anger is vanished for that moment.
Hence controlling anger is a very important aspect and sometimes could turn out to be magic as well. There are many examples for this; we would have read many stories about controlling anger, when we were young. However, we forget these little things as we grow. A lot of examples can be taken from the programs we watch daily as well. I watch many of these programs features on my Verizon FiOS TV. Lives of great people have taught us many methods to control anger. Here are few of the simple techniques that can be kept in mind if we get angry. The first simple aspect is to not speak a word when we are angry. This means silence. We all know silence is golden and is helpful most of the times. If this is not possible, then move out of the place to suppress your anger. If you have a glass of water handy, it is good to drink a glass of water. Even if this does not work out, a cold water bath or pouring water on to your head could also bring down your anger. All these simple little things are dos and don’ts’ quoted by few good people. This could help us improve ourselves and make the world a better place to live in.

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Controlling Anger Is an Important Aspect to Self Improvement

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Controlling Anger Is an Important Aspect to Self Improvement

This article was published on 2012/02/23